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About Scandinavian Baking

Since 2007, it is my privilege to share with you the joy of Scandinavian Baking.

My mother and grandparents were born in Sweden.  In the Pierson kitchen, I often heard them say:
“Mat skall lagas med karlek och smor”
which means
“food should be prepared with love and butter.”

It was a daily tradition that at 10am and 2pm Cardamom Coffee Cake or Swedish Coffee Braid would be served.  And during the holidays, the lavish Smorgasbord table became the center piece for gatherings.

From old family recipes, I am proud to offer you the best of Scandinavian Baking. I hope you and your family will enjoy my breads and baked goods prepared “with love and butter.”

Tack Sa Myket,
Betty Schneider

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  1. Hi Betty. We’re at Mom and Steves helping them with the computer. Mom showed me the letter and enclosures you sent to her. So I wanted to show her your site. So nice to see you’re doing so well. Now I’m dying for the best almond cake ever! Loved seeing you guys in August. Hopefully again soon. Hugs to you and Kent. Sally


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