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Välkommen – Welcome

Welcome to Scandinavian Baking

The Muffin Lady

by Sharon Nothnagel

In Chocorua, by the side of the road
An array of muffins and breads are sold

By a wonderful lady who bakes Scandinavian
Enjoyed by many a  hungry Tamworthian

Applesauce-raisin or poppyseed-lemon
Cardamom, sourcream, bran – it’s like heaven.

We sip at her coffee, and also at tea
And we munch chocolate donuts with hints of cherry.

So, what could be nicer? We send up a cheer
For our dear muffin lady – we’re glad that she’s here.

And a little bird told us her birthday’s today,
So, we’ll come and eat muffins and shout out hooray!

For Betty, for Betty – we love her so much
Not just for her muffins but for her nice touch.

And her caring concern and bright smiling way
So today we are here to say, Happy Birthday!!!

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